Friday, March 03, 2006

One of these days...

Yeah, one of these days, i'll keep remembing to post here.
Really, I will.

Anyway. So, the Sweet Heart and myself managed to hitch a ride to the Desperately Seeking Sun event with Knitica. Also, made it to Desperately Seeking Suds afterwards, though a wee bit late, due to a minor car accident involving a ditch. No worries, no one was harmed.

Lots of exchanging and cootieing and a wee little bit of boxing, too.

Exchanges: total of 21 new exchanges
Finds: total of 41 new finds (including all cooties, boxes, PT's, postals, etc)
Finds since DSS: 4 new finds (including same as above)

Plants: released about 10 cooties at DSS event
Created one w/ Sweet Heart at DSS, and one tonight (cooties, that is)

Monday, November 14, 2005

This is the boxing blog of Celtic Quinn, the eldest of the Quinn Kids from the Kenmore Quinn Clan.

Also described herein are the activities of those who join Celtic Quinn on his boxing adventures, namely, someone dear to him: Sweet Heart. However, 'boxing with others will also be noted here.